bandungtoto : After trading in this market for over a decade

bandungtoto : Its still a very new market, so it might be too early to apply any term like blue chip. At the same time, its a very volatile market, where time moves faster. 1 year in crypto trading sometimes feels like 10 years in traditional markets.

What would be the definition of a blue chip in crypto?

Using the classic definition of a blue chip, heres how I would apply it to crypto.


-A well-established chain and coin, used across worldwide platforms and exchanges, with a solid foundation and history, that has remained solid throughout multiple bear markets.

-It is internationally recognized and used by major brands, major exchanges, and major companies.

-It has proven functionality with no major setbacks through multiple cycles.

-It has built a positive reputation in this space.

-It is traded on more than just short term speculation, it is also traded for long term utility and perks, more than the majority of other coins.

-Its a cryptocurrency using blockchain technology with at least the basic minimal decentralization (51{755e20318e675d1cd82acb0377fd3dff78737f657b383ceb4622e4fc778c700c} of the validation is from at least two or more different entities).

-Its one of the top market cap coins, with some of the highest liquidity and volume.

Some examples of what I think could be considered blue chips and non-blue chips.
Potential Blue chips bandungtoto

The most obvious ones that I think most people would agree would be Bitcoin and Ethereum. And maybe even Monero.

Beyond that, it becomes a little more tricky.

But I think a few names have started to earn their stripes by making it through another bear market, and still remaining in the top market caps, with their functionality and reputation remaining just untarnished enough, like Cardano, XRP, LINK, LTC, XLM, and even Doge, as some of the ones I think can still tick all the boxes.

But blue chip is a subjective status, and up for debate.

Falling short of a blue chip

EOS, BCH, Tron. Despite being OGs, theyve run into a little too much controversy or have lost a little too much of their reputation.

ETC. Another example of an OG. This one suffered from "major setbacks" a little too big to ignore with the multiple 51{755e20318e675d1cd82acb0377fd3dff78737f657b383ceb4622e4fc778c700c} attacks.

BNB. While it runs on a decentralized blockchain, its one of those "decentralized chains" that has a lot of gray areas in the way its decentralization was built, and maybe a little more gray than XRP in my personal opinion.

Algorand. Ill mention this one since it has been a popular coin on this sub. The issue here is simply that its on the fence in longevity and establishment. It was launched in the middle of 2019, with the ICO in June.

I would put something like ATOM a little closer to being "established". While it was only launched a few months before, it had an ICO in 2017, and the Tendermint already starting in 2014. Putting Cosmos on the fence too, but with maybe a slightly longer reputation in this space.

For me, I think right now I would have difficulty considering anything as a blue chip contender that hasnt been around until at least 2018.

What is in your opinion slot gacor a blue chip?

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